There are a number of ways you can help improve our district. Some of these include:

Organizing Trash Pick-Up ? Neighbors could organize residents in their areas to pick up trash in the streets and alleys.

Providing Historic Information ? Homeowners could provide historic information on their houses. We would include this information as part of an oral history archive for our district or feature your home in one of our newsletters..

Holiday Home Tour ? Volunteers, who wish to display and share the unique architectural characteristics of their historic homes, are always welcome to join us in planning the annual Holiday Home Tour. This is a great way to get motivated for the festive season.

Garden Walk ? Those who are too busy during the holidays, might let us show off their gardening talents by offering their gardens for our Garden Walking Tours held every other spring.

New Residents ? Help us identify and welcome new residents to the district.

Community Activities ? Help us organize activities for the district such as block parties, district yard sales, the Garden Walk, Holiday Home Tour, etc.

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